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Lost & Found
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Although this section is new, unfortunately things go missing once in a while and hopefully this page can
be used to advertise your loss or indeed something you have found. 24 January, 2006 8:47 AM

Kia Ora and Tena Kotou Katoa

My name is Kenneth Koh, from Wellington, New Zealand and currently sojourning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am looking for a lost family friend, the du toit. They were my old neighbor, living opposite our house in Wellington. They were originally from South Africa. They shifted to Ellicott City about 6 - 7 years ago and somehow, I lost touch with them - my emails to them were returned to sender. The family Nelis and Elise du toit has a son, Charls, should be 15 years, a year younger than our daughter, Marisha Lian. From the photo I have, Charls used to get picked up in front of his house by the Mellor Bus Service, Columbia, Maryland. I have got a photo of Ellicott City ( I am sure I have got the right one). Nelis came to MD as a telecommunications designer (specializes in aerial transmission) and came to work for a telco manufacturer. Elise is an accomplished musician, specializes in the flute. She is a music teacher. I would be most obliged if you could do a search and to pass on my contact details to the du toits, and to email me. Thanks for your assistance  

Cheers Kenneth Koh

Serguei Dobrovolski

I am trying to find a relative: Serguei Dobrovolski? Does he live in your town and, if so, please give us a contact address or telephone #.
Thank you very much

Giuliana Vural
Marie Skowronek

hello! i'm rom POland and i look for my family in uSA. i know that in Ellicott City is Marie Skowronek and i have her e-mail but i can't send her a message and i don't know why. i want to find a contact with her and the other rest of family chronowski i ask You so much that You , i don't know, maybe annonce on this site. i'm sorry but my english is not very good and i know taht i did some mistake. thank You for all! Jadwiga Chronowska (jchronowska@o2.pl, jchronowska13@yahoo.com)
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